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Is There A Real Estate Bubble Brewing?

There are a lot of indications that there could be very well another real estate bubble pop on the horizon. As an agent who does Broker Price Opinions (BPO's) for several major lenders, I have had an increase in the number of BPO orders starting from back in September. Every month the number of orders that I get weekly has been increasing. I have also been tracking foreclosure activity. That has been increasing also. It's known that real estate goes in 7 to 10 cycles. Following that information, we are due for a down swing. The thing is in many areas there is a low available inventory of homes for sale and market values keep increasing. I'm also seeing a lot of new residential construction going on. Interest rates are still low also, but lending qualifications are stricter. And as a result not as many people can qualify for a home loan these days. Only time will tell where real estate will go.    

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