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Open House or Broker Open that is the question.

When listing your home for sale, is the agent going to hold some Open Houses or a Brokers Open?


Here are a few things to think about if your Realtor is going to have an Open House.

  • 1. Will your agent be the one holding the Open House? In many real estate offices there are agents who primarily work in getting listings while there are agents who only work with buyers. Those who host Open Houses are usually there to build their buyers database. Many times it is a new agent to either the real estate business or to the area. It's a known fact that very few of those who go to Open Houses actually buy that house.
  • 2. Open Houses opens your home to total strangers. Do you want total strangers walking around throughout your home? Your neighbors may show up wanting to have a look inside your home. They have no interest in buying your home. They just want to see how you live and what type of furniture you have.
  • 3. Safety and security. Open Houses allows potential criminals into your home. While they are touring your home they are also looking at if there is anything worth while to come back for. They'll be checking out to see if you have a dog and or an alarm system. There are also safety concerns for the agent who may be holding the Open House. Many real estate offices have started implementing that 2 or more agent be working together. In the last few years there have been agents who have been robbed, sexually assulted and killed while holding an open house. 


A Brokers Open.

  • 1. Brokers Opens use to be primarily for exclusive luxury homes. That has all changed. More and more listings are being shown by a Brokers Open.
  • 2. A Brokers Open is a controled and safer way to get your home seen by area Brokers/Agents. These agents will be able go back to their offices and contact any of their clients who are looking for a home that has the same things that they are looking for in your home. Your home will be seen by pre-qualified buyers who for one thing can afford to purchase your home if they really love it.


So, once again, Open House or Brokers Open. I'm all for a Brokers Open and I hope you think so to. 

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