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LAND - The New Frontier

Investing in land is one of the easiest forms of getting into real estate investing. Now with that said, you have to know what you are doing, what your short term goals and your long term goals are. There are many places where you can go to learn about how to buy land and how to invest in land. Going online of course is the most popular. There are land investing groups that you can join, there are online marketplaces to purchase books about buying and investing in land and videos that you can watch. 

  • Online "gurus" who will pitch training courses to help you in buying and investing in land. They will tell you that by buying their training program will shorten your path to riches. Then they hit you with the cost of their training program. Maybe they'll tease you with a very low initial price to get the basics of how to make millions in investing in land. That gets you hooked. Then they hit you with that if you want the "special" contracts, intensive training videos and a one on one with a personal trainer to plot your future success will come at an additional cost. Then they ask you that if you are 100% dedicated to enrich your life ASAP, join their mastermind group. Hang on to your wallet because the cost will knock you off your feet. These so called "gurus" are only selling you what you could have searched online and gotten for free. All they are doing is taking that information, repackaging it and putting that information in their own words and telling you that it is the latest and greatest and that no one else is doing it their way or that it's "Their Secret Way To Making Millions".   
  • Buying books. You can get a lot of information at a fraction of the cost of what a "guru" would be trying to sell you on. There are many online marketplaces where you can buy books about investing in land. Then it's up to you to take the time to read those books. 
  • Real Estate Investing Groups. There are several out there. Actually there are dozens and dozens of groups about wholesaling or flipping houses and commercial properties, but not too many about land. Maybe there's a few more now. I do recommend joining a group. Everyone in a group is there to help each other out. The information is FREE and so is the support. There are online groups available via social media platforms and if you live in a larger city, there are usually groups that once or twice a month will meet at a coffee shop or restaurant. 
  • Do it all on your own. More power to you if you have the ability to go online and research everything yourself. To get out there and hit the pavement or dirt road and learn by trial and error. That's how I learned. I had nobody at my side to help me or to ask questions and get answers from.  

So set aside some time, write down your goals with investing in land. If you run into a roadblock or feel stuck, search out a group to join. You can buy land cheaply and sell for quick cash or for more expensive parcels, set it up so that you can accept monthly payments over a period of time. I currently have deals where people are paying me as little as $200 every month for the next 8.5 to 10 years. Do that 10 times and your making $24,000 annually. And depending where you live in the US, that's not bad income. 

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