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Investing in mobile homes

You may have seen a lot of ads for investing in mobile homes. 
Is it possible to make a living flipping mobile homes? It depends on where you live. Areas where there are several mobile home parks can be lucrative if you are willing to get out and hustle. You're going to want to stay away from area…

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Buy Land For As Little As $100 ??????

Can you really be able to buy land for as little as $100?  YES. 
You may ask, How is that possible! Where here are the details:

  • You need to be able to have access to search parcel numbers and look up the owners of those properties. 
  • Someway to be able to get the parcel numbers of the pro…

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Is There A Future For Real Estate Agents

     Real estate has been going through some massive changes in the last 12 months. So the question that has been brought up, "what is the future for real estate agents?" More people have been getting into real estate thinking that it is a way for "easy money". As a result the real estate market is …

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Is There A Real Estate Bubble Brewing?

There are a lot of indications that there could be very well another real estate bubble pop on the horizon. As an agent who does Broker Price Opinions (BPO's) for several major lenders, I have had an increase in the number of BPO orders starting from back in September. Every month the number of orde…

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What Does The Future Hold In Real Estate Investing?

     I'm asked this question all the time by investors. I even ask myself it. No one knows for sure what is around the corner. Real estate is a constantly changing environment. Market values can increase and decrease within 30 days. Seasonal changes will also affect real estate.   
     From …

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Open House or Broker Open that is the question.

When listing your home for sale, is the agent going to hold some Open Houses or a Brokers Open?


Here are a few things to think about if your Realtor is going to have an Open House.

  • 1. Will your agent be the one holding the Open House? In many real estate offices there are agents who primaril…

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Should I Invest Or Not?

Things to think about when considering real estate investing In Land:


  1. Why Land ?  Land is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. What To Look Out For. When looking at land there are a few things to look out for. Like access to the property. Is access via a dirt road or a paved road. If access by …

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The Underground Real Estate Market

It's been known for some time that there are pocket listings and "off market" listings. In the last couple of years, following the real estate collapse, this "grey" market has really taken off. Especially when it comes to commercial real estate, is now including residential properties.


A sh…

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